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Leaving Lightly offer the eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffins. Our cardboard coffins are attractive, strong and very reasonably priced.

Earth Friendly

Leaving Lightly are pleased to offer a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional particle board, chipboard and timber burial caskets.
Leaving Lightly cardboard coffins are made from 100% biodegradable post-consumer  recycled cardboard. They have extra thick honeycomb and corrugated panels that exceed all the normal requirements of a quality coffin.

    Leaving Lightly cardboard coffin
A Natural Choice
Our coffins are equipped with solid fixing points for each of the six coffin handles, which can be rope (or other organic material), or for a more traditional look, gold coloured die cast. The external appearance of the coffin can be traditional with dignified characteristics, natural "kraft" finish or can even be personalised - painted or decorated by friends and family.

Strong, Light and Non-Toxic
Leaving Lightly cardboard coffins avoid the wasteful use of virgin timber and are only a fraction of the weight of timber or MDF (medium density fibreboard).
All glues and lacquers are water-based, non-toxic and do not damage the environment.
Leaving Lightly coffins are very strong, lightweight, practical and environmentally friendly.

    Cardboard Coffin Crossection