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Leaving Lightly Sitemap

  • Leaving Lightly offer the eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffins. Our cardboard coffins are attractive, strong and very reasonably priced.
  • Leaving Lightly coffins are designed and carefully constructed to minimise environmental impact and lessen financial burden. Our simple, elegant designs utilise high strength construction using 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard.
  • Cardboard coffins are legal and accepted throughout Australia. All Leaving Lightly coffins meet all of the requirements of the Australian funeral industry.
  • Extract fron Northern Star 22 September 2009
  • Leaving Lightly is proud to supply an ecologically sound product at an affordable cost.
  • Leaving Lightly Cardboard Coffins, 5 Phyllis Street, South Lismore 2480, New South Wales, Australia
  • Australian State Burial and Cremation Acts & Regulations. There is no legal reason prohibiting the use of cardboard coffins or caskets for funerals, whether burials or cremations, anywhere in Australia.
  • Leaving Lightly cardboard coffins and caskets